Song 1 - What's Your Favorite Ice Cream?



  • Ask your child what their favorite ice cream flavor is.
  • Tell them this song is about ice cream

2. Notice & Note

  • Read and sing the words while pointing at each color box
  • Alternatively, use the color names instead of lyrics

3. Demonstrate

  • This first song introduces using all 10 fingers right away.
  • Sing and play to demonstrate,
  • Bounce the entire arm from the wrist.
  • The objective is to have your child build up finger dexterity and the use of each finger for a specific key and color. This is called a 5 finger position and is based around middle C.

4. Now It’s Your Turn

  • Encourage them to sing and play at the same time. This keeps good rhythm.
  • Gently correct the fingering - try to use the right color for the right finger.

5. Practice Notes

  • Work on this one hand at a time. When it gets easy, try two hands together. Then, try it with eyes closed.
  • After this becomes easy, start working on gently curving the fingers as if they were gently holding a ball of cotton candy.
  • This song should be practiced everyday for at least the first week. Don’t skip ahead. This is like taking your fingers to the piano gym.
  • Then have them do it one hand at a time. After a few days/weeks, you can have them sing and play with both hands together.
  • Coloring activity: ice cream cone.